Many horses these days are being worked without shoes, causing many problems. Many people believe that a barefoot horse can do all of the same things a horse with shoes can do, but this is not true. Our staff is experienced with helping horses find the perfect hooves.

Typically many ponies are barefoot, but few horses are. Many people do not realize that their horses need shoes because they do not appear to have any of the usual symptoms. These horses will still benefit from getting shoes. Shoes will not only improve performance but also prevent any further problems.

We work with horses, their owners, and farriers to improve the health of hooves without the use of rigid horseshoes. We enjoy taking a more holistic and natural approach. Some of the reasons a foot is in poor health are because of poor conformation, improper hoof trimming or shoeing, too much exercise, or insufficient hoof tissue maturation. We will help to prevent hoof problems through proper hoof maintenance and protective shoeing.