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Equine Care

Preventive and general care for horses and other equines.

Horses and other equine patients require veterinarians who specialize in treating them so we are pleased to offer this service to Olathe and the surrounding communities.

Here at Heritage Animal Hospital, our veterinarians are able to take care of your prized horses and other equines, whether you show them, breed them, or just love them as pets. Our entire staff is dedicated to our equine patients so that they can have the very best life possible. We use modern diagnostics and our on-site laboratory to provide the best care for sick and injured horses.

See more about the equine services we offer below:

Large Animal Veterinary for horses

Equine Preventive Care

Keep your horse healthy

Lameness Evaluations

Helping your horse with mobility issues.


Help maintain the health of a horse's continually growing teeth

Farm Calls

Serving large animals.


Minor to severe eye care for horses

If you have any questions about our services or you’d like to schedule an appointment for your barnyard pet, please call us at (913) 592-0099.