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In-House Lab

Bloodwork done in-house.

We have in-house laboratory diagnostic equipment that greatly aids in our diagnosis and treatment of disease. Our analyzers give us results in minutes, instead of hours or days. We perform many common laboratory tests in-house but also have the ability to send out samples for specific tests to a variety of comprehensive laboratories.

At Heritage Animal Hospital, we routinely perform blood work as an evaluation of your pet’s overall internal health. These blood tests are often performed in our sick pets, however there are many benefits of wellness testing. Regular wellness testing allows us to establish healthy baseline values customized for each pet. It also allows us to identify unseen disease at an early stage, often before clinical signs are evident. Performing bloodwork before any surgical or dental procedure allows us to tailor the anesthesia protocol for the pet and helps decrease risk involved with the procedure. We also perform bloodwork before starting certain medications and while on chronic medications to identify unwanted or unsafe side effects.

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